One Mediator, based in San Diego’s North County,
is the mediation office of Matthew W. Argue practicing in
Los Angeles, Orange and Riverside counties and beyond.


“I engaged Matt as a mediator several years ago on a very complex, and highly contentious, $20 million plus, construction defect action. This was not your typical construction defect case – it not only involved complex factual, legal and procedural issues, but it was also highly emotionally charged. In fact, very few thought it was even capable of settlement, Matt being one of them. His easy grasp of the complexities, his knowledge of both construction and insurance law and his creative and determined approach were integral in achieving a global settlement. Moreover, Matt showed all of the skills of a truly outstanding and top tier mediator and I highly recommend him.”

Gregory Dillion, Senior Partner
Newmeyer & Dillion LLP, Newport Beach, CA

“Matt Argue is a true rising star in the mediation field. He is the complete package. Matt is smart, a quick study, wise about people, and shows excellent common sense and judgment. He also brings the necessary metabolism and tenacious commitment to a result that separates him from many others and makes him a skilled closer. On a personal level, he radiates an integrity that makes it easy for all parties to trust him right away. If he is not already on your short list, he should be.”

Randy Wulff
Wulff Quinby Sochynsky, Oakland, CA

“I have been involved in several complex, eight figure multi-party construction defect mediations with Matt. He was instrumental in the resolution of each claim. Both of these cases involved high-end, luxury single-family residences with plaintiffs who could afford the high cost of litigation to prove their claims were justified. From my perspective, it is essential that a mediator understand the insurance coverage issues impacting settlement. Matt’s knowledge of insurance coverage issues, combined with his ability to keep even the most contentious parties talking puts him at the top of his profession.”

Howard Wollitz
Charlston, Revich & Wollitz LLP, Los Angeles, CA

“I had the pleasure of working with Mr. Argue on one of the most difficult high-end custom homes in Bel Air. The personality of the claimant combined with some rough history with the subcontractors made the challenges of securing a global resolution unlikely. However, Mr. Argue’s patience and persistence paid off in a result that everyone could ultimately live with. This case was clearly on track to trial, Mr Argue “derailed” the trial train to a successful settlement.”

Bruce W. Lorber
Lorber, Greenfield, & Polito LLP, Poway, CA

“I have had the pleasure of working with Matt in several capacities and find his insight and ability to get quickly to the point refreshing and of great assistance. Matt uses his calm demeanor and sharp mind to find the issues in disagreement and developing creative avenues for resolution. He was able to help broker a settlement in a complex, multi-party case in a one day session that all sides walked away quite surprised that a deal had been reached. I would recommend Matt as a mediator without hesitation.”

Brenda Radmacher, Partner
Wood, Smith, Henning & Berman, Glendale, CA

“Once again, many thanks to you and your extraordinary efforts in the resolution of this claim on behalf of my client. Amazingly, you were able to bring the parties to a consensus after only three mediation sessions, before the filing of a lawsuit, and before the parties incurred any significant expenses related to discovery and Court costs. Moreover, your professional demeanor and congenial approach is something I and my client appreciated very much. I look forward to working with you on many other cases in the future, and appreciate all your efforts.”

Joseph Kaneda
Fenton Grant Mayfield Kaneda & Litt LLP, Irvine, CA

“Matt Argue has proven himself as an accomplished and knowledgeable mediator. Often the most difficult cases to resolve are the ones where there are about as many insurance disputes as there are parties to the suit. One recent construction defect case involved a large claim for issues that the carriers maintained were generally not covered by insurance. Complicating the case was the insolvency of one of the carriers in the middle of negotiations, as well as conflicts between remaining carriers. Matt’s knowledge of insurance and the carriers and parties involved helped raise the money, with some considerable effort, to meet a number that made sense and allowed the case to settle.”

Gene Witkin
Menter & Witkin, Irvine, CA

“Matt did a terrific job in a complex multi party construction action.  As the developer’s counsel, I appreciated that he was knowledgeable of the facts, had engaged the plaintiffs’ counsel and did his homework on the many subs. His focus and persistence were appreciated and had the impact of making all counsel and their parties prepared, which were critical factors in leading to a resolution before substantial expenses were incurred.”

Richard Glucksman, Founding Partner
Chapman Glucksman Dean Roeb & Barger, Los Angeles, CA